II Myth & Mystery

People are often struck by the great antiquity of what they find in Britain: places like Salisbury Hill and Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is an enigma , standing alone on Salisbury Plain it's what remains of a Stone Age temple built 4,000 years ago.

But how these enormous stones came to be put in place remains a mystery.

All over Britain you'll find relics of Stone Age man in the great stone circles of which Stonehenge is only one of many and in the huge mounds , called long barrows in which he buried his dead.

In the south of England is the Vale of the White Horse where a series of huge white horses have been cut into the chalk of the hillsides.

Another sacred and mysterious site , and this time a Christian one, is Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset.

In the middle of the ruined abbey is a group of flagstones .

These mark the spot where King Arthur and Queen Guinnevere are believed to have been buried.

Looking down on the abbey is a great hill surmounted by a ruined tower.

This hill known as Glastonbury Tor has long been regarded as a magical place, one like Stonehenge associated with Merlin the Magician .

There's an ancient belief that hidden somewhere on the slopes of the Tor there's an entrance to a secret labyrinth leading to the Underworld at the centre of the earth.