IV Workshop of the World

In the age of Queen Victoria Britain led the world in industry and invention .

The first iron bridge in the world was built in Shropshire at a place which for the past 200 years has borne the name Ironbridge.

A mile or so from the bridge is Blist's Hill; a living museum where you can see for yourself what life was like in an industrial town 100 years ago.

There's a mine shaft and a foundry where the molten iron is poured by hand.

The street here is made up of 19th century stores and workshops where business is conducted very much as it would have been in Victorian times.

If you're interested in how people used to live you should visit the Welsh National Folk Museum near Cardiff.

Among the many buildings here is a little row of miners' cottages, which show you how people's lives and tastes have changed.

The Victorian Age was the age of the railway.

Although most of the railways have long since been electrified, there are still some privately owned steam services to be found.

Many of which are being kept open by enthusiastic volunteers .

One of several in Wales is the Ffestiniog Line, which runs through the mountains of Snowdonia.

Originally used to carry slate from the quarries this is the oldest working railway in the world.