IX The Pursuit of Pleasure

The pursuit of pleasure is a hard thing to define.

While some people might go into raptures about going in search of Sherlock Holmes or photographing stone circles, others would far rather stretch out on a beach or spend a morning shopping.

If you' re keen on the arts, there'll always be plenty to do.

Britain probably has more theatres for example per head of the population than any country in the world.

Britain also has some of the world's great art galleries.

Among the thousands of galleries and museums to be visited there are some, which contain very unusual collections, like Scotland's museum of Childhood in Edinburgh.

Leaving culture on one side Britain also has plenty to offer the sports enthusiasts.

It was after all the birthplace of golf and of tennis.

And it was Britain that gave the world cricket.

Cricket is a game, which visitors often seem to find baffling .

And one of the few in which the action is suspended midway for everyone to have tea.

Another great British institution is the pub.

Apart from the pleasure of developing the taste for British ale served from the pump in pint glasses and at room temperature rather than chilled , the pub is a great place to meet local characters.

As is that most characteristically British creation: the seaside pier.

Pubs, shops, restaurants, museums, castles, the coast, seeing the country for yourself; just touring around and making your own discoveries .