kevinbacon.jpgKevin Bacon

Multiple-choice exercise

Choose the correct answer for each question.
Poor old Kevin Bacon's ego wasn't the only thing thing that took a battering when he was making his new film, Hollow Man. In it, he plays a scientist who becomes invisible and Kevin says the part called for him to lose his dignity on several occasions. First he had to have hot dogs smeared over his face before a dog would lick him, then he had to be painted green, which enables him to appear invisible onscreen. Unfortunately the paint made him nauseous and when the filming ended, it was discovered that he'd been painted the wrong colour of green. But his worst moment came when he had to strip naked for the cameras so they could create an outline of him. When the outline came up, however, everyone noticed he had lost a precious possession. The reason? Apparently the member in question wasn't big enough and the computer didn't pick up enough information!

From "OK!" August 25, 2000