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Whitney Houston

All is not well between Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. At least that's what we hear after Houston cancelled her appearance at Jacko's second comeback performance in Madison Square Garden at the last minute. Whitney had opened the first concert the previous Friday when she launched into a rendition of Jacko's hit "Wanna be starting something" with the King of Pop himself. However, observers at the show claimed that the diva looked 'scarily emaciated' during the performance. And true enough, just two hours before the Monday show was due to begin (the night before the attack on the Twin Towers), Houston pulled out with no reason. Insiders say she declined to attend because her husband, Bobby Brown, hadn't been asked to sing in the second show. However, this is only one in a long line of last-minute Houston pull-outs, which go back as far as the Oscars last year. However, Brown himself was recently rushed to hospital having a seizure at his recording studio. Perhaps ill health was to blame... again.

From "OK!" September 28, 2001