boderek.jpgBo Derek

Multiple-choice exercise

Choose the correct answer for each question.
Well, her acting career is in the skids, so what else can Bo Derek do to try and make ends meet? Answer - come up with a completely useless product. The 10 star has revealed that she's ploughing all her money into her new company called "Bless the Beast". It is actually a range of beauty products for - you guessed it - dogs. 'For 20 years, I'd been asked to use, try and plug every cosmetic there was,' says Bo. 'Finally, I was asked to do a skincare line. As I worked on that, my dogs began to concern me. They'd sometimes smell badly. Like, after we'd play or if it was hot and they'd perspire, they weren't so fragrant. They swim with me, they're in the house with me and I wondered what to do to make them pleasant to live with. So, I came up with shampoos, conditioners, fragrances, air fresheners, silk pomades, and so on.' The products will cost around £6 a bottle, but she's also working on a "doggy dental line" to give your pooch an Osmond smile. Because dogs worry about things like that, don't they?

From "OK!" August 25, 2000