Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Multiple-choice exercise

Choose the correct answer for each question.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's wedding rings might only have cost them 1,000 pounds each but, if they win a lawsuit brought against their jeweller, they stand to make around 35 million pounds. That's how much the couple are suing Damiani International for claiming that owner Silvio Damiani has reproduced their wedding rings and is hawking them on the internet and throughout jewellery stores - despite the fact that he told them the rings would be unique. Pitt designed the rings himself - both in white gold, his with ten diamonds, hers with 20 - and says he had a deal with Damiani that the rings would never be reproduced. However, on various websites and in stores where the rings are being sold, they're being called the 'Brad and Jennifer white-gold wedding bands with diamonds'. The couple want to have production halted and Damiani banned from using their names. damiani, they say in the lawsuit, is using Pitt's designs to get the 'type of publicity money can't buy. The sponsorship of the world's most recognisable couple'. And the world's most modest.

From "OK!" August 3, 2001