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Mariah Carey

Looks like Mariah Carey, who never sings one note when 27 will do, will be screeching for some time to come. She recently underwent an acrimonious split from Sony Records, which is run by her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, but has just signed an album deal with Virgin that is thought to be the most lucrative recording contract ever. Under the new agreement, it's believed that Mariah will be paid at least £15 million for every album she records, which is around £3 million more than the previous record holders, Janet Jackson and REM. Her first album will be the soundtrack from All That Glitters, in which she makes her acting debut. The first single will be out in June, while the album is launched two months later. It's the end of a nightmare for Carey who, towards the end of her deal with Sony, had taken to posting messages on the company's website complaining about how she was being treated. Virgin must be nervous, however. As soon as Jackson and REM signed their deals, their sales witnessed a huge slump. And All That Glitters, of course, is not necessarily gold.

From "OK!" April 13, 2001