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I have taken the following articles about celebrities from the magazine "OK!". Do not believe everything you read. Do have fun reading the articles and answering the questions.

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Bo Derek

Mariah Carey

Whitney Houston  

Kevin Bacon

Whitney Houston

Men in Black 2  

Cyndi Lauper

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Courtney Love  

The following texts are from Canada. In order to come back to this page after having done the exercise just close the window. Updated links March 2024

Lower secondary (first year)

Lower secondary (second year)

Upper secondary VMBO (third year)

Upper secondary VMBO (fourth year)

A special Christmas present

Nasreddin and the pot

The death car (12 minutes)

Romulus and Remus (3 minutes)

Two sisters and the cat

Nasreddin goes shopping

The choking dog (12 minutes)

Tarzan of the apes (5 minutes)


Nasreddin and the beggar

The carpet fitter (12 minutes)

The wild life (5 minutes)


Nasreddin and the smell of soup

The hitchhiker (12 minutes)

Emily Car (context)


Nasreddin and the ferryman

The American pepper (12 minutes)

Culture shock (skimming 5 minutes)


Nasreddin's visitors


Pulp friction (prediction exercise)




Pulp friction (skimming, 2 minutes)




Pulp friction (scanning, 2 minutes)




Pulp friction (12 minutes)

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